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Company Chargeback



Company Chargeback

Company Chargeback refers to bookings where the rental costs are charged to your company. It is vital that your travel booker follows the correct procedure when booking your rental to ensure we can charge your rental to your company.

All chargeback account bookings must be booked using an Applicant Pin number. This number preauthorises the booking to be charged to your company’s account. It is vital to note that if an Applicant Pin is not in the booking you will be asked to present a credit card at the time of rent.

We have upgraded our counter system and due to new enhanced security features, Hertz counter staff no longer have the ability to add an Applicant Pin at any stage during the rental process.

If your company does not have an Applicant Pin number, please ask an appropriately authorised person from within your company to contact your Hertz Account Manager.



Website bookings
• Visit and scroll down to "Business to Business > Applicant Pin"
• Log on with your Applicant Pin number then begin booking as usual.

For Your Travel Agent - GDS bookings
• The Applicant Pin number must be entered in the ID- field of a car segment. 
• This is the same field that you would enter a Gold Membership number.

Reservations Centre bookings
• Phone 0800 654 321
• Advise the Reservations Agent that the booking is to be billed to chargeback account and provide them with your Applicant Pin number.

Note: If a renter wishes to use their Gold Membership and have the rental charged to their company, the Gold Membership must first be linked to their Chargeback account. This can be arranged by your Hertz Account Manager, once they have received approval from an authorised person from within the Company holding the Chargeback account.

Gold Memberships and Applicant Pin numbers allow chargeback for both domestic and international bookings. Please note not all countries and locations will provide international chargebacks to New Zealand. Refer to our website for more details:, Then when you enter the location, go to More Location Details then Qualifications and Requirements.

It is vital to note that if an Applicant Pin is not in the booking you will be asked to present a credit card at the time of rental.


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